How To: Store Your Pet Treats

Most of what Jessie's Pantry sells is dehydrated, giving your treats the longest shelf life available, without using preservatives. Because of this, our treats can sit in a container on the countertop. The container can be air tight, but doesn't have to be. Make sure your pup can't sneak a bite! Quite a few customers have told funny stories of their pets finding the treats on the counter. 

When we do sell fresh treats at markets or other events, whether it is muffins or soft chews, these also have no preservatives and the shelf life significantly shortens. I will always encourage customers to refrigerate these products and use them up within a week or two. When fresh, the moisture will stay contained and the treat won't dry out in an air tight container such as a reusable Tupperware or a jar.  

When on the go, I personally use Stasher Bags. Any reusable bag will work, including the Eco-Baggeez that your treats come in when you order, as they're resealable and reusable. 

Using reusable containers for your treats will prevent waste from going into landfill, and lessen your carbon footprint on the Earth.